Emerald Wallet
Why Emerald Wallet?
Emerald is non-custodial security focused cryptocurrency wallet. It's backed by a secure decentralized network of nodes, to provide the most secure operations. All private keys are stays on the user's machine, with optional support of Ledger hardware wallet.
Emerald Wallet supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, DAI and Tether. Bitcoin and Grin are coming soon.
Emerald Wallet is built for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It may be used as a desktop app and as a console wallet, for advanced users. Mobile version is coming soon.
Supported Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum Classic
Lightning Network
Non Custodial
With the Emerald Wallet, a user has the full control of their assets. The Wallet is a desktop application, which keeps all private keys encrypted on the user's machine (in Emerald Vault). For better protection, it's suggested to use a hardware key, such as Ledger Nano
Multi Account
A user can have multiple different accounts and addresses. The Wallet supports multiple seed sources, such as Mnemonic Phrase or Hardware Keys.
Non Locking and Compatible
Emerald Wallet is compatible with all major standards for Private Keys. A user can always import or export his Private Key (with all associated assets) to other wallets if he would want to change the software.
Hardware Wallet
Emerald Wallet supports hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano, i.e., a user can operate existing digital assets backed by Ledger. Using a Hardware Private Key is the most secure way to use Emerald Wallet.
Emerald Wallet for Desktop
Version 2.1.2
Download release for Windows
Filename: Emerald-Wallet-windows-v2.1.2-f311817.exe
SHA-256: c6f50a84e40d01822052dd3c75667a99e5f96da50a5276458c54b7fcd6d836fe
PGP: Emerald-Wallet-windows-v2.1.2-f311817.exe.asc
Download release for Macos
Filename: Emerald-Wallet-macos-v2.1.2-f311817.dmg
SHA-256: eded0d40acae10ec49ff2659c529882e3a8e21abd61dcdc71d14f3a93f11f587
PGP: Emerald-Wallet-macos-v2.1.2-f311817.dmg.asc
Filename: Emerald-Wallet-macos-v2.1.2-f311817.zip
SHA-256: 1fe8d3556eebc3e1b4244acd66fada24905a8382dd43178bbf207aeb36cf7cb1
PGP: Emerald-Wallet-macos-v2.1.2-f311817.zip.asc
Download release for Linux
Filename: Emerald-Wallet-linux-v2.1.2-f311817.deb
SHA-256: db3f861c2eda8aa85246c3c763e8a6b8725d26b1fb841c9b61c34d164b81f3b5
PGP: Emerald-Wallet-linux-v2.1.2-f311817.deb.asc
Filename: Emerald-Wallet-linux-v2.1.2-f311817.gz
SHA-256: 5c5d92b221f15733a2267d4a3cc3c9d53bde03a85c5d7ece0ea4291827e4fab3
PGP: Emerald-Wallet-linux-v2.1.2-f311817.gz.asc
Filename: Emerald-Wallet-linux-v2.1.2-f311817.AppImage
SHA-256: 1e75a518fc87002a039bdc5c88aa9787f7b8190cace055ceca06ce777413fc24
PGP: Emerald-Wallet-linux-v2.1.2-f311817.AppImage.asc